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Australian Grass Varieties
Grass is a valuable addition to any garden, whether you want it for children to play on, for pets, or simply because of the fantastic look that it gives.  However, it is vital to ensure that you have the right grass to suit your climate.  This guide is intended to tell you about all of the main types of grass that are available in Australia and what climates they are suitable for.
Sir Walter Buffalo
Sir Walter Buffalo is an Australian grass that has soft leaves and a beautiful green colour.  It is drought resistant and performs well in hot climates.  It can tolerate shade and it is very hardy.  Because it is a soft grass, it is very pleasant to walk on and it does not need as much mowing as other types of grasses.
Palmetto St Augustine Buffalo
Palmetto St Augustine Buffalo is a dark green grass and is very soft.  This type of grass will grow well in both sun and shade, as it only needs three to four hours of direct sunlight a day.  It is low maintenance and has a strong root system that serves it well during periods of drought.  It does require more water than Sir Walter Buffalo though.  It is a good choice for areas that see a lot of traffic.  It is non-allergenic.
Shademaster Buffalo
Shademaster Buffalo is a grass that has a wide, soft leaf, making it more suited to shadier areas.  It grows vigorously, giving a great, thick cover on the ground. Because it is so thick, weeds are less likely to grow.  Its growth speed also makes it suitable for areas that see lots of traffic.  Shademaster will lose its colour and turn purple in the winter.
ST 91
ST 91 is a type of grass that will produce a very tightly matted lawn.  It is dark green in colour and keeps its colour well in winter.  It does, however, have a shallow root system so it will need watering more often in summer.  It does not tolerate shade well.  ST 91 grows slowly and will not stand up well to heavy use.
Durban grass comes from South Africa.  It has a wide leaf and thin runners.  It is very soft, hypoallergenic, and performs well in shaded areas.  However, it is not frost tolerant.
Kikuyu is a strong growing grass that has wide leaves and thick runners.  It is great for sunny, warm areas as it grows very rapidly.  It does not tolerate shade or excessive dampness well, however.  Kikuyu is great for areas that get a lot of use but it will require weekly mowing in summer.  It prefers to grow in soil that is moist but not wet.  Be careful that it does not grow into your garden beds.
Fescue is a great grass for cooler climates, and it will continue to grow right through to the late autumn.  It can tolerate shade very well.  However, it does need a lot of water to look its best as well as soil that is well fertilised.  It does not do well in areas of high use.
Greenlees Park Couch
Greenlees Park Couch is a semi-dwarf couch that is very tolerant to heat and also keeps its colour in winter.  It is very resistant to wear, however it does need regular mowing and fertilising.  It does not do well in shaded areas and will not tolerate frost.  It discolours if the temperature goes below five degrees.
Santa Ana Couch
Santa Ana Couch has a very attractive blue-green colour and fine leaves.  It grows best in warm areas, needs less water than other types of grass, and can tolerate salty soil, making it good for coastal areas.  Santa Ana Couch can handle a lot of wear but the soil does need fertilisation for it to grow at its best.
Wintergreen Couch
Wintergreen couch is great as it can be grown in most homes.  It is heat resistant, drought resistant, keeps its colour in winter, hardy, and will grow in filtered sunlight.  It also needs less water than other types of grass but it does need fertile soil.  For best results, it needs six to seven hours of sunlight per day.  It will discolour if the temperature drops below five degrees.
Windsor Green Couch
Windsor Green Couch is a type of grass that is very dark in colour and very dense.  It is hardy and needs at least four to five hours of sunlight a day.  It is the best of all the couches when it comes to shade.  Windsor Green Couch can tolerate wear and tear relatively well.
CT2 Couch
CT2 Couch is a blue-green coloured grass that is very hardy and stands up well to droughts.  It will recover in half the time of other couches.
Legend grass is a dark blue green in colour.  It is very tolerant of cold weather, and will keep its colour well in lower temperatures.  It establishes itself quickly and bounces back well after wear and tear.  Legend grass is frost resistant and performs relatively well in shaded areas

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